Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blue And Yellow (288/365)

2009 10 15 IMG_1297 
“I, a light canoe will build me... that shall float upon the river, like a yellow leaf of autumn, like a yellow water lily!”

Hiawatha (member of the
Mohawk Nation,  instrumental in founding the Iroquois Confederacy alongside the Prophet Deganawida, The Great Peacemaker, and creating for them a constitution known as the "Great Law of Peace" (Gayanashagowa), circa 1525–1575)

TIME:  9:15 AM
PLACE:  5100 block of West Main St.
SUBJECT:  Leaves on mailbox

After making the deposit for work this morning, I drove by the mailboxes in our parking lot and dropped some paid bills in the slot.  As I did, I noticed that the yellow leaves that fell from the overhanging tree and the blue box made a nice color combination.  I also liked the reflection of the tree on the wet surface.  So I parked my car and debated walking back to the box with my camera.  I gave myself a little mental pep talk, “You won’t have a picture today if you don’t do take it now…you will kick yourself later for not taking this picture….a few moments of embarrassment for a picture is worth it…come on, be a man!”  I took my advice and did it.  See, I’m FINALLY getting over my shyness about taking pictures in public.  Yes, I am whacko, HandsomeHusband will vouch for that.  But that’s why he loves me so!


mjw said...

A great picture. And I bet that once the shutter had clicked you found it wasn't embarrassing at all. :-)

Robert Hill said...

Great color combination. I frequently kick myself for seeing and no stopping for a photo op. I'm getting better and I love the sound of a shutter clicking...

Monica said...

A beautiful color combination!

It looks like the leaves are swimming :)

SaraG said...

I love the color combination!!
Great photo.
You just never know when you will see a photo worthy moment! I need to start carrying my camera in the car instead of leaving one at work and one at home!

Mari said...

It's a neat shot. I like the reflection of the tree in the water too.
Glad you are getting over that fear. My family would like me to be a little more fearful!

bentonflocke said...

beautiful shot with the colour combination! And congrats for getting over your shyness!