Monday, July 12, 2010

Tim-ber! (193/365)

2010 07 12 IMG_8464w
“When gravity calls, something falls.”

J. L. W. Brooks

TIME:  8:14 PM
PLACE:  HH’s closet
SUBJECT:  Fallen clothing

Late last night/early this morning, we were awaken by a loud crash.  HH got up to investigate but didn’t see anything.  “It must have been the cats.” he said.  Right.  I found out what made the noise when I went to hang up his clean laundry in his closet this morning.  The supports holding his clothing rod had broken and down it went.  After work, I made a trip to The Home Depot for replacement hangers and I installed them this evening.  Most of the clothing was still on the hangers and the hangers were still on the rod.  It took both HH and I to lift and place the rod back on the supports.  We can see why it fell – that sucker was heavy!


Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about your closet but I am so impressed you fixed it yourself!

bentonflocke said...

you did it great - congrats°

Beautiful shots of the last days!!

Mari said...

Love those things that go bang in the night! I'm impressed that you fixed it!