Monday, July 5, 2010

Winged Mascot (186/365)

2010 07 05 IMG_8327w 
“They swayed about upon a rocking horse, And thought it Pegasus.”

Keats,John. 'Sleep and Poetry', l.186^7.

TIME:  6:31 AM
PLACE:  Centreville Ave.
SUBJECT:  Mobil Pegasus neon sign

Yes, I really was up this early.  I rolled out of bed a little after 6am, put in my contacts, got dressed and hopped on my bicycle for an early morning ride with my dad.  On my way to the bike trail I always pass this old Mobil Oil mascot hanging above the entrance to an auto repair business.   I don’t think that the sign is in working condition – I’ve never seen it lit – but I still think it’s pretty cool.


Mari said...

It is cool! I love old signs!

bentonflocke said...

it must be perfect with light! cool sign!