Thursday, September 16, 2010

Octopus Roots (259/365)

 2010 09 16 IMG_3475w  
“Tell me, O Octopus, I begs,
Is those things arms, or is they legs?
I marvel at thee, Octopus
If I were thou, I'd call me Us.”

Ogden Nash (American Writer of humorous poetry who won a large following for his audacious verse. 1902-1971)

TIME:  6:36 PM
PLACE:  School playground
SUBJECT:  Tree roots

The grade school had an open house this evening.  We signed in in the foyer and MB and SD were given a paper.  They were required to visit the different areas of the school with their parents and obtain the signatures of different teachers and school workers.  A trip was made to see the secretary, the school nurse, the computer lab, the library, each of their classrooms and finally, back to the foyer where there was an information table for Scouting, fund drives and school spirit wear.  Once all the squares on the paper were signed, then they could enter the cafeteria and exchange it for pizza, lemonade and cookies.  After they ate, they joined the other kids who had headed out to the playground.  A gigantic game of tag was organized by the older children and they all ran around the school grounds like crazy people.  This tree is one of three that is by the swings, monkey bars and slide structure. 


Mari said...

You found another great thing to photograph. Nice!

bentonflocke said...

great idea, with the open house