Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enjoying The Breeze (248/365)

2010 09 05 IMG_3247w 
“The really nice breezes blow through my body and into my soul.” 

Astrid Alauda

TIME:  4:05 PM
PLACE:  Bedroom
SUBJECT:  Wooden box

Another pretty, pretty day here in the Midwest.  The air conditioner has been off and the windows have been open since Friday, letting in the fresh air.  At night, it has gotten a little chilly, but I do love snuggling under the blankets while the cold air creeps in through the window screens.  A breeze was blowing this afternoon, making the curtains billow.  Even the wooden box has a smile on its face as it sits there, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  Tomorrow, the heat is suppose to return, getting the temperature up into the high eighties.  So I guess the air conditioner isn’t finished being used for the season just yet.


Mari said...

I noticed the smile on the box right away. Pretty cute!
It's supposed to get hot again here too.

Christina said...

Happy summer breeze!

bentonflocke said...

great smile on its face!!