Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Victim (257/365)

IMG_9831 copy 
“Caught in a web
Removed from the world
Hanging on by a thread…”

Dream Theater. "Caught In A Web." Awake. By James LaBrie and John Petrucci. East West Records, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, 1994

TIME:  7:47 AM
PLACE:  Front porch
SUBJECT:  Wasp in web

I don’t like wasps (who does?) so I wasn’t too upset when I noticed this one caught in the rather large spider web located in one of the corners of our front porch.  MB found two more webs and two very large spiders in the back yard while taking the dog out this morning, but when I went out there to investigate, the spiders had hidden themselves away.  After supper, MB and I went back outside and saw one of the spiders sitting on its web.  I took photos but I the pics I snapped did not capture him very well.  I’ll try again to take the arachnid’s picture ‘cause I’ve got to show you how big & creepy he is. *shudders*


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I'm glad I don't eat wasps. They look crackly and tough.