Friday, September 10, 2010

Rear Window (253/365)

2010 09 10 IMG_3318w
“Bad weather always looks worse through a window.” 


TIME:  8:32 AM
PLACE:  Work parking lot
SUBJECT:  View through the Miata’s rear plastic window

The part to fix the Jeep’s rear speed sensor finally came in and last night we dropped the Jeep off at the dealership to be fixed today.  This morning was rainy, wet, overcast and cool…definitely a fall day.  I drove the Miata to work and found out that the rubber edging on the convertible top was not sealing properly and was letting the rain leak in through the driver’s side window and onto my clothes *deep sigh*  ~ ah, well, it’s only water right?  At least it dried fairly quickly once I made it into the office.


Mari said...

It does look worse through a window. Cool shot!

bentonflocke said...

like this shot... but not the rainy weather.... it´s like ours

have a great weekend with better weather