Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orange Peel (265/365)

2010 09 22 IMG_3555w 
“Try not thinking of peeling an orange. Try not imagining the juice running down your fingers, the soft inner part of the peel. The smell. Try and you can't. The brain doesn't process negatives.”

Douglas Coupland (Canadian novelist, b1961)

TIME:  6:28 PM
PLACE:  YMCA soccer fields
SUBJECT:  Shed wall

Soccer practice was on the agenda again for StellaDella this evening.  It goes without saying that she needed to use the facilities during the hour-long event.  Lucky for me, this weathered orange shed was located right next to the Johnny-On-The-Spots.

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Mari said...

I love old weathered buildings. Nice shot - good quote too!