Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Concerned & In The Way (335/365)

2010 12 01 _MG_5931w
“Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience.”

Pam Brown (
Australian poet, b1948)

TIME:  7:44 PM
PLACE:  My bed

I was not feeling well this evening.  I didn’t eat supper and as soon as I finished helping StellaDella with her homework, I went upstairs to bed.  (How sad is it that I took my camera, because I knew I needed to take a picture yet for the day?)  After I got into bed and turned on the TV, Jack climbed up and lay down on me.  He looked a little concerned that I was in bed so early.  That made up for the fact that he blocked my view of the screen.

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Mari said...

I love the quote - so true!