Sunday, December 26, 2010

December Tree (360/365)

2010 12 26 IMG_0608w
"In drear-nighted December,
Too happy, happy tree,
Thy branches ne'er remember
Their green felicity:
The north cannot undo them
With a sleety whistle through them;
Nor frozen thawings glue them
From budding at the prime.”

John Keats,  In Drear-Nighted December 

TIME:  4:40 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Red Sunset Maple tree

A last, lovely, do-nothing day before work beckons tomorrow.  DQ and I went to Target, not for the sales, but to purchase cat food and Q-tips.  We did manage to spend some money on 50%-off gingerbread Pop tarts, dark chocolate Hershey kisses, peppermint Oreos and some black velvety sweatpants and hoodie for StellaDella.  We came back home and I played a rousing game of Plants vs. Zombies with my son on his Xbox.  Then I booted him off the system and played Zuma (a marble popping game) while the dog and son fell asleep with their heads on my legs and SD fell asleep as she lay down beside me.  I only got up because I needed to take the picture of the tree for the month.

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Mari said...

I've enjoyed your tree shots over the year!