Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Solstice Moon (355/365)

2010 12 21 IMG_0607w
“Now is the solstice of the year,
Winter is the glad song that you hear.”

Jethro Tull. "Ring Out, Solstice Bells." Songs from the Wood. By Ian Anderson. Island Records, London, 1977.

TIME:   8:10 PM
PLACE:  Mall parking lot

Today marks the official beginning of winter here in the Northern hemisphere.  Technically it began here at 5:38pm Central Standard Time.  I was cleaning up the dinner table when it started.  We ate a little earlier so DramaQueen and I could go shopping afterwards for some final Christmas gifts.  As we were leaving the mall (and it was torture being there, the crowds were killing me), we saw the full moon as it came out from behind the clouds for a brief moment.  It was nice to see.  We wished that we could have seen the lunar eclipse last night, but the sky was overcast and prevented us from observing it.


Mari said...

Wow - that is an amazing shot!

Christina said...

Beautiful moon!

bentonflocke said...

here it was overcasted, too!
Anyway fantastic shot of the moon