Thursday, December 30, 2010

Getting Beautiful Stresses Me Out (364/365)

2010 12 30 _MG_6936w
“A dog's idea of personal grooming is to roll on a dead fish.”

James Gorman

TIME:  8:00 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen

Poor doggie.  We took her to Petsmart to be groomed this afternoon.  She was stinky and her nails were long and “clicked, clicked, clicked, clicked” much too annoyingly on the laminate floor for my taste.  When we dropped her off, she had a look of panic on her face, as if we were leaving her forever.  When we returned to pick her up, she about pulled the groomer’s arm out of their socket as they were walking her to us at the desk.  We bought her a new pink collar to replace her old faded one while she was getting all pretty.  Now she smells sooo much better – and she isn’t as “clicky” either.


Mari said...

Poor Oreo! She's just exhausted and so glad to be home!

bentonflocke said...

Now she´s fresh for the next year!

Monika said...

Wonderful photo!!