Thursday, January 6, 2011

Double Vision (006/365)

2011 01 06 IMG_7189w
The neurotic has perfect vision in one eye, but he cannot remember which”

Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

TIME:  3:50 PM
PLACE:  The optometrist’s office
SUBJECT:  Phoropter and DramaQueen

January is the beginning of the year and also the beginning of our insurance (medical/dental/vision) year.  DQ last visited the eye doctor in January of 2010 and had run out of disposable contacts.  Before we ordered any new ones, we needed to see if her prescription had changed.  I picked her up at school a a half-hour early (she loved that) and drove her to her appointment.  Her eyes have stayed the same – she has an astigmatism in her left eye which became a little more pronounced, but nothing to change her prescription.  That’s good – I hope her eyes don’t become as bad as mine.


Mari said...

This is a fun shot! I never knew what the name of that machine was. Now I've learned a new word - Phoropter!

Jennifer said...

I also have horrible eye sight and I hope my kids pulled that gene from their dad. Ava and I will be going for our appointment soon too. It will be the first time for her and the first for me in three years. Is it too much to hope that technology has advanced a lot in that time and I don't have to get the drops that make my pupils look like gigantic saucers? ;)

Sujomi said...

Mari - I didn't know what it was either, and I forgot to ask the eye doctor when I was there...thank goodness for visual dictionaries.

Jennifer - I hate having my eyes dilated too, those drops sting.

bentonflocke said...

cool shot - I must remember that when we´ll have our appointment in March

Sujomi said...

bentonflocke - I have gotten so much better at asking if I can take a picture at various places. The eye doctor had no problem with it and thought the picture-a-day was a neat project.