Friday, January 28, 2011

Lampy (028/365)

2011 01 28 _MG_7998w
Lampy: I remember the first time my bulb burned out. I thought, "That's it! I'm burnt out! Eighty-sixed! To the showers!" And then the master gave me a new bulb... and I glowed.

*The Brave Little Toaster*. Dir. Jerry Rees. 1987. Hyperion Pictures.

TIME:  9:48 PM
PLACE:  MonkeyBoy’s bedroom
SUBJECT:  Clip-on reading lamp

The boy now has a freshly painted room and a new bed, mattress and bedding to sleep on.  His bed is a captain’s bed which has a four storage drawer chest that sits underneath the mattress platform.  The headboard has shelves for his books, clock and whatever else he needs to keep close by.  Before supper, he and I went to Target where he picked out a bedding set (blue/white/tan plaid), an indigo cotton blanket, a second pillow for his head and a lamp that clips to his headboard so he can read easily before falling asleep.  I’ve always felt bad that he and StellaDella have very tiny bedrooms and are very limited to what furniture can be place in the room.  I think right now, though, the size isn’t an issue and MB is happy with his new bed and “new” room.

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Mari said...

It sounds great! I love the quote too. :)