Friday, January 7, 2011

“S” Is For Somber (007/365)

2011 01 07 IMG_7205w
“To watch this crystal globe just sent from heaven to associate with me. While these clouds and this somber drizzling weather shut all in, we two draw nearer and know one another.”

Henry David Thoreau (American Essayist, Poet and Philosopher, 1817-1862)

TIME:  3:31 PM
PLACE:  Backyard
SUBJECT:  Fence ornament

”Somber” is a good word to describe the weather today – “Dreary” would be another, but I was unable to find something to photograph that resembled a “D” so I went with “S” and a side trip to the thesaurus – *ahem*.  Weather-wise, we were dealt grey skies, cold temperatures and snow flurries today.  I am done – so done! - with winter.  What I wouldn’t give to be sitting on a sunny beach with 85 degree temps, warm water and a cold alcoholic drink with an umbrella in it by my side…and oh heck, I guess I’d want my husband there too.


Mari said...

Great idea for a photo! It's somber here today too.

Sujomi said...

Mari - The gray is what I do not like the most about winter. I need color!

bentonflocke said...

I agree with you Sujomi - I don´t like the somber and grey days in winter or other seasons.

Sujomi said...

bentonflocke - Yes, I could handle like one day a month of grey, for variety - but otherwise it can go.