Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hello Kitty (240/365)

2011 08 27 IMG_0635w
“They say the test of literary power is whether a man can write an inscription. I say, 'Can he name a kitten?'”

Samuel Butler (English novelist, essayist and critic, 1835-1902)

TIME:  6:29 PM
PLACE:  My sister’s house
SUBJECT:  Kitten

After StellaDella’s 2:30pm soccer game (they won!), we headed to my sister’s house for my nephew’s 8th birthday party.  They recently adopted this male kitten from a farm.  He doesn’t have a name yet and they were taking suggestions.  Since they already have a cat named “Woody,” I suggested “Stinky Pete” to go along with the Toy Story theme.  It’s been taken under advisement.


2011 08 28 IMG_0678w
TIME:  7:45 PM
2011 08 28 IMG_0691w
TIME:  7:47 PM

And here are two different sunset pictures I snapped on the way home.  It was a beautiful one this evening.


Mari said...

Cute kitten - beautiful sunset!

bentonflocke said...

Love such sunset pictures! And your kitten is really cute