Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Won’t Last Long (243/365)

2011 08 31 _MG_4302w
Jimmy: I had a dishwashing detergent with a great name: "Dandy Clean". Everybody trusted it, then that whole break-dancing fad hit, and my people told me to change the name so I can stay hip. The whole thing went bust in less than a year.
Lisa: What did you change the name to, sir?
Jimmy: Break-dancing Detergent.

"Ploy." Perf. Stephen Root and Maura Tierney. NewsRadio. Mar. 1999. Television.

TIME:  7:44 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Finish Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Powerballs

Before the clock hit 8:30 this morning, I already spend $Xxx.xx at Lowe’s on a new dishwasher.  The HH picked it up after work and installed it for me.  Of course, it didn’t go in smoothly.  The old water line was 12” too short and since the electric on the washer was made to be directly wired to an electrical box, he had to attach a power cord so we could plug it in.  Oh, and the hose needed an adapter because we had 3/4’ pipe and the hose was made for 1/2’.  *Sigh* nothing’s never easy is it?  Nevertheless, it’s installed and currently washing our backup of dirty dishes.  The Bosch people were kind enough to include a “100 day supply” of dishwasher tablets - a whole 45 of them…yeah, right.  We do at least one load of dishes each day, so their “100 day supply” will only last 45 days around here.  In any case, I still appreciate the free dishwasher tablets.


bentonflocke said...

what a package of problems.... to install the dishwasher ... anyway your HH did a great job - so congrats to your new dishwasher

Mari said...

Glad the dishwasher is installed! It's pretty crazy to say 45 tabs is for 100 days. Most people I know seem to run the dishwasher almost every day.