Monday, August 15, 2011

I Hate Mall Traffic (227/365)

2011 08 15 IMG_0445w
“A commuter tie-up consists of you - and people who for some reason won't use public transit.” 

Robert Brault (American, free-lance writer who has contributed to magazines and newspapers in the USA for over 40 years)

TIME:  8:27 PM
PLACE:  Outside the mall
SUBJECT:  Traffic

After going to StellaDella’s orientation (no, I did not ask about the 8 sticks of glue…because I forgot to bring her school supplies with me…d’oh!), the DramaQueen, SD and I went to the dreaded mall for a few new clothing items for DQ.  She picked out 2-pairs of jeans, a t-shirt, socks and - the new “in-thing” - a rubber bracelet.  You don’t want to know how much it all cost.  Gah!  I hate going to the mall to begin with…the traffic stinks and the prices that I end up paying rubs salt into the wound.  I joke that the rest of us shop at Goodwill just so we can afford DQ’s clothes.   And I’m not putting down the “Will” by any means.  I find great stuff there and am more than satisfied with the value I get for my money.  

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