Saturday, August 13, 2011

Window Treatments (225/365)

2011 08 13 IMG_0409w
“The truth in the matter lies in the fact that anything repeated too long without variation tends to become boring.”

Don Ellis (American jazz trumpeter, drummer, composer and bandleader, 1934-1978)

TIME:  7:47 PM
PLACE: Around the neighborhood
SUBJECT:  Windows

I took this photo while walking Oreo this evening.  This are the windows of a factory that is close to our house.  The top picture is SOTC and I like it.  But to have some fun, I applied some Photoshop Actions to it.

Here is one called “Old West”:
2011 08 13 IMG_0409 Old Westw

This one is called “Seventies”:
2011 08 13 IMG_0409 Seventiesw

I like this one.  It’s called “Vivid Blur”
2011 08 13 IMG_0409 VividBlurw

And finally, a “#2 Pencil” action:
2011 08 13 IMG_0409  #2Pencilw

I just love Photoshop.

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