Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buttons (038/366)

2012 02 07 _MG_9835w
"Summoning spirits isn't 'Button, button,/Who's got the button,' I would have them know."
Robert Frost (1874-1963), U.S. poet. Two Witches (l. 7-8). . . The Poetry of Robert Frost. Edward Connery Lathem, ed. (1979) Henry Holt.

TIME:  11:46 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Assorted Buttons

Last week, StellaDella was asked to bring “100 of something” for the 100th day of school.  One stipulation was that the “something” had to fit in a brown lunch bag.  Then SD had to write 3 clues about her “something” and the rest of the class had to guess what it was.  We went with buttons.  Somehow, I have a ton of them.

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Lucy Corrander : Photos said...

100 'somethings' is quite a challenge.