Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Sign From Above (056/366)

2012 02 25 _MG_1577w
“Stag – It’s Not For Beginners”

Stag beer slogan

TIME:  5:52 PM
PLACE:  Outside a bar
SUBJECT:  Stag beer sign

It was a trivia night that brought us to this place.  We (myself, HandsomeHusband, DramaQueen and my dad) did not do so well.  As a matter of face, we came in dead last.  In our defense, we only had the four of us sitting at an 8-person table.  I should have known that the evening wasn’t going to go well when, after purchasing some pain relievers at a convenience store, I get into the wrong car.  Oops.  Luckily the lady sitting in that car’s driver’s seat found my error amusing.  It also entertained my father and children who were watching me from the other vehicle.

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Mari said...

Oh no! I think everyone enjoys those things except the person getting in the wrong vehicle!