Monday, March 12, 2012

Fork (072/366)

2012 03 12 _MG_2002w
“The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork”

Oscar Wilde (Irish Poet, Novelist, Dramatist and Critic, 1854-1900)

TIME:  10:42 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen

A common object.  Simple, yet effective.  Used everyday.  This one has probably been washed thousands of times.  It’s ancestors in the eleventh century (belonging to a Byzantine princess who married a Venetian) were considered an affront to God’s natural forks…our fingers.  She died of the plague two years after being condemned by the clergy for her fork use.  Wow, God is quite vengeful when it comes to the correct eating utensils.  (via Leite’s Culinaria)

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Julia said...

I dont understand, what I make wrong, if I would take a photo from a subject. I dont like my picture than. But yours is perfect, I love it.

I hope you are well. have a great weekend.