Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ice, Ice Baby (067/366)

2012 03 07 _MG_1859w
Bill Nye: [talking about the Titanic] Don't call a ship unsinkable when it's built like an ice-cube tray, and don't call an ice-cube tray unshippable when it's built like a sink.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy. TV Series. 1993–1998. KTCS Seattle, PBS.

TIME:  11:57 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen
SUBJECT:  Metal ice cube tray

Before I took that photo of the UFO yesterday, I checked-out the Pink Elephant Antique Mall.  And in that mall, I found something that I have been searching for – a vintage metal ice cube tray.  Why?  Well, I get tired of buying new plastic ice trays several times a year because they crack & break apart. (No, we don’t have an ice maker – we’re poor & deprived)  I look forward to my wet fingers sticking to the frosted metal, just like when I was young.  Ahh, the memories!

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