Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Corner Of My Home (078/366)

2012 03 18 IMG_2138w
When service should in my old limbs lie lame
And unregarded age in corners thrown:

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), British dramatist, poet. Adam, in As You Like It, act 2, sc. 3, l. 42.

TIME:  6:27 PM
PLACE:  Home
SUBJECT:  Front porch column

HH received a phone call from his sister around 11:30 this morning with the news that his father had collapsed at home and was being rushed to the hospital.  HH left to meet his sisters and mother there, but unfortunately, his father passed away in-route.  He was 80 years old.
I’ve been turning to Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day for March when needing inspiration. It was especially nice to have today…

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Julia said...

fantastic picture.