Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Night-Light (087/366)

2012 03 27 _MG_2601w
“Dear night-lights, protect my sleeping babes. Burn clear and steadfast tonight.”

Wendy Darling,
Hook, Steven Spielberg dir., Amblin Entertainment, TriStar Pictures, 1991.

TIME:  10:41 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Solar yard light

I ran this evening.  5 minutes of running, followed by 3 minutes of walking x 3.  According to my phone, I went 2.11 miles in 27:13 minutes with an average speed of 4.66 mph.  That made a pace of 12:52 minutes/mile and I burned 260 calories.  Yay me. 
Tonight, I decided to try some quick experimenting with some night-time photography.  I like the patterns that our solar lights produce around the flowerbeds.


Julia said...

It sounds good with your running-training.

Fantastic photo again.

Mari said...

Good for you with the running! Nice shot too!