Friday, March 30, 2012

Bunny & Basket (090/366)

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Q. What does the Easter Rabbit get for making a basket?

A. Two points just like everybody else!

A really bad joke

TIME:  10:41 PM
PLACE:  Home
SUBJECT: Schieich rabbit figure & basket

The Schleich animal figures are a favorite around here and if I happen to come across one in my thrifting/yard sale/estate sale browsing, they come home with me.  I found this rabbit at a thrift store along with this tiny basket.  I believe the duo set me back a whole quarter.  This bunny looks like a rabbit we use to own many years ago by the name of Peter Rabbit.  DramaQueen named him herself.


Julia said...

I've not know that they are Schleich-animals in USA. I always thought they gives only in Germany.

Do you have you many?

Sujomi said...

Julia - Yep, they sell them over here as well. My kids love them!