Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thar She Blows (089/366)

2012 03 29 IMG_1833Aw
“The cistern contains: The fountain overflows.“

William Blake (1757-1827), British poet, painter, engraver. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, plate 8, "Proverbs of Hell," (1790-1793).

TIME:  10:40 AM
PLACE:  Our street
SUBJECT:  Fire hydrant

A blue notice was hanging on our front door knob yesterday afternoon.  It was from the water company telling us that we would be without water service from 9am until 1am today while they were making some repairs/improvements in our neighborhood.  This morning, they opened the fire hydrant by our house to reduce the water pressure while they were making repairs down a side street.  Now we are under a boil order until Saturday morning at 4am.  Great.

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Julia said...

oh... it sounds not good to take water outside.