Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dragonfly (175/365)

2010 06 24 IMG_1381w 
“Clouds of insects danced and buzzed in the golden autumn light, and the air was full of the piping of the song-birds. Long, glinting dragonflies shot across the path, or hung tremulous with gauzy wings and gleaming bodies.”

Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. (Scottish writer, creator of the detective Sherlock Holmes, 1859-1930)

TIME:  7:40 PM
PLACE:  Little League Fields
SUBJECT:  Dragonfly

MonkeyBoy had his 2nd to last game this evening.  We only had six players, so the other team let us “borrow” 3 of theirs and we played 6 innings.  Needless to say, it was considered a forfeit by us, but at least the boys were able to play some ball.

During the game, I wandered about the creek that runs by the ball fields, looking for a photo opportunity.  This dragonfly was resting on a large concrete block that was sitting at the top of the creek bank.  He was gracious enough to hold still for a close-up.


Mari said...

You did good! He's got quite a tail!

SaraG said...

GREAT photo!!
I love that the boys borrowed players and played anyway!! That is the love of the game.
Take care and enjoy your weekend!!

bentonflocke said...

great shot of the dragonfly!

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