Sunday, June 20, 2010

Best. Card. Ever. (171/365)

2010 06 20 IMG_7861w  
Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.

Bill Cosby (American Actor, Comedian and Producer. b.1937, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

TIME:  8:10 PM
PLACE:  Home
SUBJECT:  “Hapi foths bay” card

This morning, as I was in the bathroom, getting ready for the day, I could hear StellaDella talking to herself downstairs in the kitchen - “HA-HA-pa-ee, ha-PA-PA-ee, ha-pa-EE.  FA-FA-thrs, fa-TH-TH-rs, fa-th-SS-SS, DA-DA-a, Da-AY.”  She was silent for a bit, then she came upstairs into the bathroom with this card.  “I made this card for Daddy and figured out the words all by myself!  Do you think he will like it?” she asked.  Yes, SD, I do believe that he’s going to love it.  And he did.


Mari said...

That's a classic! And a gift from the heart. I know he did love it!

Christina said...

A special keepsake card!

bentonflocke said...

what a wonderful card - sure your HH was very proud and loved it!