Thursday, June 10, 2010

Royalty (161/365)

2010 06 10 IMG_7632w 
Father told me if I could get my fingers
to ballet the typewriter keys
to Nureyev the steno pad
everything would be perfect.”
Lynne Savitt, U.S. poet. "Self Worth and the Typist," lines 1-4 (1979).

TIME:  11:17 PM
PLACE:  DramaQueen’s room
SUBJECT:  Royal 890 manual typewriter

The kids and I discovered this typewriter at the thrift store this afternoon.  The cover over the keys is missing, but other than that it works fine.  DQ and StellaDella both were soon tapping out notes as fast as they could with it.  I’m thinking that it is a hit.  DQ bought the 3-shelf white metal rolling cart that the typewriter is sitting on for her bedroom.  Yes, that’s her new green paint on the wall behind it – bright isn’t it? 


Christina said...

I LOVE the paint color DQ selected for her room! Oh yeah, I had fun tapping out notes and poems on my mom's OLD typewritter when I was a kid! :)

Mari said...

What fun - I think it was a great purchase and I love the paint color too!