Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insulators (181/365)

2010 06 30 IMG_8159w 
Col. Milt: [gesturing towards a pile of books] You read them all?
Bennett Marco: Yeah, they also make great insulation against an enemy attack! But the, uh, truth of the matter is that I'm just interested, you know, in, uh, Principles of Modern Banking and, History of Piracy.
[picking up books]  Paintings of Orozco. Modern French Theater. The... Jurisprudential Factor of Mafia Administration. Diseases of Horses and novels of Joyce Cary and... Ethnic Choices of the Arabs. Things like that.

The Manchurian Candidate. Perf. Douglas Henderson and Frank Sinatra. 1962. United Artists.

TIME:  7:49 PM
PLACE:  Living room
SUBJECT: Glass insulators

I picked these glass insulators up at a yard sale last weekend.  These particular ones are fairly common ~ I only paid $1 apiece for them.  I thought that they would look nice sitting next to a window, especially when the sun hits them.


Mari said...

That's a cool picture! I think you got these for a good deal!

bentonflocke said...

they look really nice - love the blue color!