Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flight Of The Bumblebee (167/365)

2010 06 16 IMG_1202w 
“The solitary Bee Whose buzzing was the only sound of life,
Flew there on restless wing,
Seeking in vain one blossom where to fix.”

Southey, Robert. Thalaba (bk. VI, st. 13)

TIME:  7:23 PM
PLACE:  Front yard
SUBJECT:  Bumblebee

The best of my many attempts to capture a flying insect.  Originally, I wanted to take a photo of the baby robins in a nest near the front porch, but Mama and Papa Robin were none too happy with my presence.  Lordy, they were quite vocal with their displeasure.  Not wishing to upset them, I turned my attention to the bumblebees flying amid the purple salvia.  Even though I was on the other side of the flower beds and nowhere near their nest, they were still cussing me out, robin-style.


Mari said...

You did good with the bee! Maybe in a few days you can return to the robins.

Christina said...

Great shot!

bentonflocke said...

your action shot turned out good! I agree with Mari... maybe a picture of the robins in a few days