Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Berries (293/365)

2010 10 20 _MG_4384w 
“On the motionless branches of some trees, autumn berries hung like clusters of coral beads, as in those fabled orchards where the fruits were jewels . . .”

Charles Dickens (English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era, 1812-1870)

TIME:  6:22 PM
PLACE:  YMCA soccer fields
SUBJECT: Red berries

Tonight was MonkeyBoy’s first basketball game and StellaDella’s last night of soccer.  MB’s team played well, but lost.  SD was sad that soccer was over.  I’m glad one extra-curricular activity is dropping off the schedule, but wonder why there always seems to be another one to take its place.

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bentonflocke said...

great to hear that your children are so interested in sports!
Beautiful berries