Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breakfast Of Champions (279/365)

2010 10 06 _MG_3793w 
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“The spider spinning his web for the unwary fly. The blood is the life, Mr. Renfield.”

Garrett Fort (1900-1945), U.S. screenwriter. Tod Browning. Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi), Dracula, speaking to Renfield at his castle (1931). From the play adapted by Hamilton Deane and John Balderston (1899-1954).

TIME:  8:47 AM
PLACE:  Work
SUBJECT:  A spider eating some flies

As I was walking into the office building this morning, I met up with a secretary who works for another lawyer down the hallway.  She pointed to the crab apple tree and said “Did you see our office mascot up there, that huge spider?”  I turned and spotted him in the branches.  It looked like he chose a good spot for his web, as it was covered in flies.  The secretary and I talked a bit more and we both were of the opinion that he was a pretty cool spider ~ just so long as he stayed outside and didn’t visit us in the office building.

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Mari said...

Yuck! I'm not a fan of spiders. However, I don't care for flies either and it looks like he's done a good job on them.