Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rusted (286/365)

2010 10 13 IMG_4045w 
“If you rest, you rust.”

Helen Hayes (1900-1993), U.S. actor. My Life in Three Acts, ch. 19 (1990). An actor from age five until into her seventies, and thereafter a speaker and an activist on behalf of the elderly, Hayes used to tell this to the audiences at her speeches.

TIME:  6:34 PM
PLACE:  YMCA Soccer fields
SUBJECT:  Rust on metal barrel

Some Wednesdays are busier than others and this was one of them.  I worked from 8:30am-1:30pm; stopped by Target to pick up dog and cat food; supervised after school basketball practice from 2:30pm until 3pm when HH got off work; picked up MB from band practice at 3:30 at the junior high school; took SD to a Daisy meeting at 5pm; stayed there to help with their project until 5:45pm when we left to go to soccer practice at 6pm.  After practice, we picked up DQ and MB and stopped by my dad’s house to admire his new curtains; then we went home and I helped children with homework.  Now I’m done and going to bed.  


bentonflocke said...

poor you - what a really busy day!!

~Just me again~ said...

cool shot!