Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Husband Went To Corvette Funfest And I Didn’t Even Get This Lousy T-Shirt (261/365)

2011 09 18 _MG_4524w
George: That was one great party. And we brought back some lovely souvenirs.

Batten, Peter, perf. Yellow Submarine. Dir. George Dunning. 1968. Apple Corps. DVD.

TIME:  8:25 PM
SUBJECT:  HH’s Funfest 2011 T-shirt

The HH went to the 2011 Corvette Funfest sponsored by Mid-America Motorworks in Effingham, Illinois yesterday.  I stayed home and schlepped kids to and from soccer games.  Did he bring me anything back?  Nooooo.  He bought two t-shirst, one for MonkeyBoy and one for himself.  I see where I rank.

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