Friday, September 16, 2011

Shotgun! (259/365)

2011 09 16 IMG_0782w
Shawn Spencer: [driving] I'm telling you, the cat is NOT my new partner!
Gus: [in the backseat] Then how come he gets to ride shotgun?

"9 Lives." Psych. NBC. 4 Aug. 2006. Television.

TIME:  3:39 PM
PLACE:  Junior High

In a moment of weakness, I agreed to pick up the older two from school this afternoon so they wouldn’t have to ride the bus and would be home quicker on a Friday afternoon.  As soon as I picked up my keys, Oreo knew I was going somewhere and wanted to tag along.  She sat in the front seat on the way there and remained in that seat when the kids got into the car.  MonkeyBoy asked if I loved the dog more, because she got to ride in the front.  Of course I told him “Yes.”  He should know better than to ask a silly question like that

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