Sunday, November 8, 2009

End Of The Season (312/365)

2009 11 08 IMG_2009 
We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time.

Vincent Thomas Lombardi (American football coach, 1913–1970) 

TIME:  2:53 PM
PLACE:  Edwardsville High School
SUBJECT:  Ring in Cheer binder

MonkeyBoy ended up having his last game of the season today.  They lost 19-13 this afternoon, which made their record 5 & 4…not good enough for any playoffs.  They will play in a “Turkey Bowl” game over the Thanksgiving weekend against another city football league.  But other than that, this is it until next August.  I wish they would have done better and made it to the playoffs, but a little part of me is glad that we get a breather from an extra-curricular activity for a little while.  It was a beautiful day for football - sunny and 79 degrees.  I could handle this weather all year long.


Mari said...

Very artistic shot! I couldn't figure out what that was until I read the post.

bentonflocke said...

wow - such a beautiful weather you are having?!

We have grey and rainy day the last days - I think also the last weeks