Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon (324/365)

 2009 11 20 IMG_2189
Bella Swan: Well, Gran, you might have noticed that my boyfriend glitters. It’s just something he does in the sun. Don’t worry about it…

Meyer, Stephanie. New Moon. New York. Little, Brown and Company. 2006.

TIME:  7:23 PM
PLACE:  Living Room
SUBJECT:  New Moon collage

(The following post was written by DramaQueen)

OMGOMGOMG NEW MOON IS SO AWESOME! The books were incredibly awesome! I’m seeing New Moon today at 10 pm. I can’t wait! What it’s about is Bella Swan is in love with Edward Cullen. [You probably already know that] Bella goes to a birthday party for her at the Cullen’s. Bella gives herself a paper cut, and Jasper tries to drink her blood. [He’s the newest vampire] Edward fights him off and Bella get thrown into glass. Carlisle stitches her up, and things go back to normal. Until a few days later. Edward leaves Bella because he is a vampire and he thinks that Bella doesn’t need him. He thinks that he might kill her. [Which he almost does in BD] Bella is depressed for about 4 months. [October, November, December, January] So she sees her good old friend, Jacob Black. [He’s so hot! EEEEE!"] They hang and build motorcycles. But, when they try them out, Bella sees Edward. For some reason, whenever Bella is doing something dangerous, she sees Edward. Bella busts her head and Jacob has to run to her and take off his shirt, [HOT] and put it on over her head. Then the get it fixed up. Bella starts to see change in Jacob. It turns out, he’s becoming a wolf. Later, Harry Clearwater, [Charlie’s best friend. Charlie is Bella’s dad] dies of a heart attack.  Charlie goes to the funeral. Alice comes back to see Bella. Jacob comes over. The phone rings and Jacob answers it. It’s Edward. Edward asks where’s Charlie, and Jacob says “At a funeral.” Edward hangs up. Bella is freaked. Alice tells her that Edward thinks she’s dead, and that the have to get to Volterra. Edward wants to die, too. Jake doesn’t want Bella to leave, but she has to go. They go to the Volturi Castle. Bella stops Edward. Then they see Aro. [King of Vampires] He says that he hopes to see Bella as a vampire, since she is mortal and she knows all about the immortal. They return home, and Charlie is really mad that Bella went to Italy with no permission. She gets grounded. And that is New Moon! TEAM JACOB! I ♥ WEREWOLVES!!!!


SophieGrace said...

I watched that yesterday. Such a good film. Definatly team Jacob!

Mari said...

My daughter says this series is awesome. I'm going to read it, but I know I need some time, because I'll be addicted once I start!
PS - Taylor Lautner is from the town I grew up in. His family moved when he started to act. I've been told his family is really nice.