Friday, November 27, 2009

Coming To Town (331/365)

2009 11 27 IMG_2371 Buddy the Elf: SANTA! OH MY GOD! SANTA'S COMING! I KNOW HIM! I KNOW HIM!

Elf (Will Ferrell, written by David Berenbaum, Jon Favreau-director, 2003)

TIME:  11:17 AM
PLACE:  West Main Street
SUBJECT:  Santa and Mrs. Claus

The day after Thanksgiving is our town’s Santa Claus parade.  We had beautiful weather – plenty of sunshine and it was about 50 degrees.  DQ, SD, Oreo and I went to the parade, MB and HH had to leave early for MB’s Pilgrim Bowl football game (we joined them after the parade – they won!).  Both girls collected plenty of candy, SD was handed a stuffed dog and even Oreo received dog treats from the parade participants.  The final float of the parade was the most important one, it carried Santa and his wife.


Christina said...

Santa Claus is coming to town!!! Great photo of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Mari said...

Great shot!

Dot O said...

The best lookin' couple we know!!! Great photo - such a happy scene!