Monday, November 16, 2009

Pineapple (320/365)

2009 11 16 IMG_2120
He is the very pineapple of politeness!

Richard Brinsley Sheridan (Irish playwright and Whig statesman, 1751-1816) The Rivals (1775)
TIME:  8:34 PM
PLACE:  The kitchen
SUBJECT:  Pineapple

A very rainy, very dreary, very depressing Monday here in the Midwest.  After work, I went shopping at ALDI’s to pick up a few items and saw that they had pineapples on special for a mere $1.19.  Now pineapples do not ripen after they are picked and I’ll admit that they looked a little green.  However, this one does has a sweet scent, so I’m hopeful that it will taste pretty good anyway.  For the price I paid, I am willing to take a chance.  Plus, I will admit, another reason I bought it was that I thought it would make a good picture!

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Mari said...

Who would think of taking a picture of a pineapple? You would - and it turned out great!