Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Industrial Roller (329/365)

2009 11 25 IMG_2296 
Joan Holloway: Good Morning, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Mad Men. By Matthew Weiner. Perf. Christina Hendricks. American Movie Classics, AMC. 2007

TIME:  12:39 PM
PLACE:  The Study
SUBJECT:  Desk chair roller

My current desk chair is a recent purchase from Goodwill.  For a mere $15 I became the proud owner of a vintage steno chair…it looks exactly like this Rockwell Steno Chair which has a refinished price of $850(!).  It is the most comfortable desk chair I have owned.  It supports my lower back perfectly and has a nice little recline on it as well.  This is wonderful for when I desire to lay back and “check my eyelids for leaks” for awhile. 

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Mari said...

What a deal! Nice photo too!