Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Potato Soup (321/365)

2009 11 17 IMG_2129 Soup is liquid comfort. 


TIME:  4:28 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen table
SUBJECT:  Potato Soup

Today was a perfect day for soup.  It was still chilly, rainy and dreary outside.  To make things even more depressing, I had to go to the Mart of Wal.  I really do not like going there, but we are attending a charitable function tomorrow night and I needed to purchase 5 toys as a donation/entrance fee for the family.  I survived, and I hope the kids will enjoy the items I chose: a Tonka dump truck, a Fischer Price Doctor kit, a Littlest Pet Shop play set, a Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 and a Lap Harp.  SD has already stated that she wants Santa to bring her a Littlest Pet Shop play set too.  I told her to start her list.


Christina said...

A perfect day for soup, and it looks so good!

Mari said...

Your soup looks so good! We had soup yesterday.