Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Birthday Girl (041/365)

2011 02 10 IMG_8727w
Zack Martin: For a seven-year-old, she was tough. She had a mean left hook!

"Doin' Time In Suite 2330." The Suite Life of Zach And Cody. Perf. Dylan Sprouse. Walt Disney Television. 9 Aug. 2008.

TIME:  9:42 PM
PLACE:  Home
SUBJECT:  StellaDella

My StellaDella turned seven today.  She and I went out to dinner together, just the two of us.  She didn’t stop talking in the car on the way to the restaurant (she decided on a Chinese buffet).  I swear she read every single sign we passed and I might add, she pronounced 90% of the words correctly as well.  Then, after we ate, we went to Wal-mart where she chose a new bike.  Her only criteria – that it was mainly black and had a skull on it.  She was in luck, they had exactly what she was looking for; a Mongoose 20" Outer Limit Freestyle bicycle with a skull emblazoned on the seat.  She was also able to find a helmet with a skull, one that had wings even!  Then, she picked out a new Pokémon DS game, Soul Silver edition that had a bonus “Pokéwalker Accessory Included” (whatever that is, I have no idea, but she was very excited about it).  I was christened the “ mom in the whole entire world, oh and dad is too!” on the way home.  I guess that means she’s happy with her gifts.


Kim said...

That is a sweet bike!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday, StellaDella! Your day rocked! Aren't moms and dads the best!