Friday, February 25, 2011

Reversible (056/365)

2011 02 25 IMG_0970W

2011 02 25 IMG_0971w
“The reverse side also has a reverse side.”

~Japanese Proverb

TIME:  10:54 PM
PLACE:  Dining room table

The mother of DramaQueen’s best friend mother is having her third child (a second girl) next month and DQ has been invited to her baby shower which is tomorrow afternoon.  Tonight, we went to Target and purchased a diaper change organizer from her register and I decided to make some bibs to give her as well.  I followed this tutorial from the SewSheSews blog and fabric I had on hand.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I just need to attach the fastener at the neck and they will be finished.  That, however, will have to wait for tomorrow morning - I’m done for the day.


Ashley @ 365 things said...

What a great job! I'm sure she will love them especially knowing you made them. You made a bunch of them too!

Mari said...

They are really cute! She'll love them. :)