Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Icy Monet View (054/365)

2011 02 23 IMG_0942w
Tai: Do you think she's pretty?
Cher: No, she's a full-on Monet.
Tai: What's a monet?
Cher: It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess. Let's ask a guy. Christian, what do you think of Amber?
Christian: Hagsville.
Cher: See?

Murphy, Brittney, Alicia Silverstone, and Justin Walker, perf. Clueless. Dir. Amy Heckerling. 1995. Paramount.

TIME:  8:26 AM
PLACE:  The Jeep
SUBJECT:  Ice on window

We must have had some rain last night, and since it was so cold, everything this morning had a layer of ice on it.  We still do not own an ice scraper (now it’s so close to spring, I just don’t see the point in purchasing one), so after the car heated up a little, I rolled the windows down to try and remove the icy coating.  The window went down, but the ice remained vertical.  It made a nice little Monet-type filter as I looked out of the window.  The black outline on the right side of the photo is the rear view mirror.


Christina said...

I like this icy art! Interesting that you don't own an ice scraper considering where you live. But then again, we just purchased a snow shovel.

Mari said...

It really does make a nice picture, even if it doesn't make for a nice drive!

Sujomi said...

Christina - It is odd isn't it? I did have one of those long scrapers with the brush on the other end, but it broke and now I just have the brush. Last time I used a Pampered Chef pan scraper to clear the ice.

Mari - I've been sending the kids out to start the car (they love doing this) and start the seat warmers about 5-10 minutes before we leave. The drive's a lot nicer that way. ;)

Ashley @ 365 things said...

Very cool! Luckily we have a garage, so we didn't have to worry about that when it was cold. I doubt I would have bought one anyway. We have too many 'tools' I could have used if I had to. I hope it warms up for you over there soon!!