Sunday, February 27, 2011

Egg Sacs (058/365)

2011 02 27 IMG_0980w
Wilbur: Templeton, if you weren't so dopey, you'd notice that Charlotte has made an egg sac.
[Templeton gazes toward the ceiling and sees Charlotte's egg sac]
Templeton: [hiccups] Hooray for Charlotte.
Wilbur: She's going to become a mother. For your information, there are 514 eggs in that peachy, little sac.
Templeton: This has been a night

Gibson, Henry, and Paul Lynde, perf. Charlotte's Web. Dir. Charles A. Nichols and Iwao Takamoto. 1973. Hanna-Barbera Productions

TIME:  2:33 PM
PLACE:  Yard waste container
SUBJECT:  Spider egg sacs

It actually became warm enough outside to get some yard work done this afternoon.  The HandsomeHusband and I pruned our trees…we still have some larger branches to take off, but the chainsaw is at the shop getting sharpened, so they will have to wait until Wednesday when it is ready.  I also cleared out the front flower beds of dead vegetation and leaves.  When I grabbed one of our plastic trash cans we use as a yard waste container, I saw these spider egg sacs attached to the inside walls.  From what I’ve read, each sac contains several hundred eggs, so there is probably a potential of around a thousand spiders in this photo.  As long as they stay outside, I’m good with that.


Mari said...

Yuck! I'm not a fan. They better stay outside!

Ashley @ 365 things said...

Ok, EW.