Saturday, February 12, 2011

Young Authors Breakfast or How To Embarrass Your 13-Year-Old Daughter(043/365)

2011 02 12 IMG_8738desatw2011 02 12 IMG_8738coloredpencil
TIME:  8:38 AM
PLACE: Junior High Lobby
SUBJECT:  DramaQueen in color and in a “#2 Pencil” Photoshop action

DQ was recognized as a finalist in our school district’s “Young Authors Conference” for her “Story With No Name” this year.  Look at the photo she “allowed” me to take of her in the school lobby.  Quite a difference (both in how much she’s grown and in attitude!) from this one taken two years ago:


We sat with a friend of hers (who just so happens to be a boy) and I was informed (via a hissing whisper) that HH and I had better not embarrass her.  Wrong thing to say…I immediately took that as a challenge. *wicked grin*  We tried, I even took pictures of stuff on the table, like these straws, but it didn’t work.  She told me later this evening that her friend mentioned to her that he thought we were “pretty cool”  Hmmm, I guess we need to practice on our embarrassing parent routine more.

2011 02 12 _MG_8769w
TIME:  8:55 AM
PLACE:  Junior High School Multipurpose room
SUBJECT:  Straws


Esther Montgomery said...

There's plenty of time to work on your embarrassing routine. I expect she'll be practising hers too. Meanwhile, the straws are very pretty. (And daughter too!)


Ashley @ 365 things said...

Oh wow! Looks like dad will have to bring out the shotgun when he starts answering the door soon! It's amazing how quickly they can change looks right? My son starts middle school next year and I'm not ready for him to get that big yet!

Mari said...

I'm glad to hear you are pretty cool!
She sure has grown in the last few years!