Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Your Motor Running (198/365)

2009 07 17 IMG_8115
“Four wheels move your body, two wheels move your soul.”


TIME:  6:57 PM
PLACE:  Madison Ball Fields
SUBJECT:  Harley Davidson Chrome Cam Cover

First off – I just gotta say that tonight’s weather was just bee-u-ti-ful!  77 degrees, sunny, white puffy clouds…I can handle this.  MonkeyBoy hit a .333 tonight with a nice rip into right field for a base hit.  He has been in a slump, so that was nice to see.  The Tigers won tonight and we have the second game in the tournament tomorrow at 1pm. 

A fellow player’s grandparents rode their Harley’s to the field and were very accommodating when I asked to take pictures of their bikes.  HandsomeHusband owned a Harley when we first were dating 20 years ago.  As a matter of fact, his pick-up line to me was thus:
“Do you want to come to my trailer and see my Harley?”  How could I resist such a suave approach?  I’m sure the quantity of beer I had consumed that evening had nothing to do with my accepting his invitation! *wink*  He later sold the bike to finance a business venture of his.  I do miss that motorcycle and all the rides we took together.  Maybe when the kids are older, and we have money, we can try to relive those days.


Dot O said...

Very cool photo! I fear motorcycles, however. My brother took me for a ride on his when I was a teen and I just hated the fact that I had to lean INTO the turn - too scary for me....

bentonflocke said...

cool and fantastic shot! Love riding bikes, too!

Beautiful story about you and your HH

Christina said...

Love this shot, and I love motorcycles!

Monica said...

I keep telling everyone my next car will be a Harley! Beautiful bikes, and nothing quite like getting on one with no idea where you might end up!

Sara G said...

Very cool!!
Great photo!!