Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Got Milk (195/365)

2009 07 14 IMG_8047 
What did the farmer call the cow that would not give him any milk ?

An udder failure !


TIME:  8:27 PM
PLACE:  Kitchen table
SUBJECT:  Bottles of milk

I had to go on a milk run tonight after taking MonkeyBoy to the batting cages again.  I prefer buying our milk in glass bottles – it just tastes better and it is better for the enviornment – less plastic!  I can remember when I was younger, we had a milkman come to our door every Saturday morning.  Mr. Junker was his name.  He would bring the milk into the kitchen and sometimes Mom would even buy us strawberry yogurt as a treat.  Once, I spent the night at my paternal grandparent’s and the next morning there was Mr. Junker delivering milk to them as well…I thought that was pretty neat that Grandma C. and I had the same milkman.  There is a dairy in St. Louis which offers home delivery, but I just can’t seem to get past the higher price it requries.


Iona said...

Nice take!

When I was growing up, my milk came delivered in a cow! lol

And it was drank warm, straight from the cow to our table.

My children had their milk delivered the same way, except I chilled it first.

Sara G said...

I can remember the little insulated metal box on the porch for the milk man to leave milk in. I seem them sometimes in the antique stores here in town.
Great picture!!

Mari said...

I grew up on a farm, so we didn't need milk delivery - we already had it. My hubbys Dad was the milkman in his town! I love this shot!

Sujomi said...

Iona - LOL...I bet it was delicious. I definately would need it chilled myself.

Sara G - We never had an insulated box, we were always home and up early on Saturday mornings.

Mari - Now that's home delivery!

Ev said...

I didn't even know it was still sold in glass bottles....wow.